Prices and Packages

The cost of producing a video can vary widely depending on the time, talent and tools required to deliver each individual project. Here at The London Video Production Company client satisfaction is paramount. This means that we work closely with you at project inception to really understand what you want out of your video and define how we can deliver that within your available budget.

We know that each video project is unique, however we have tried to de-mystify our pricing into simple packages so that you really understand what you are getting for your money. Your project may well have bespoke requirements in which case we will always provide a tailored quote, however the following packages will give you a good idea of what your budget might cover.

Contact us for a more detailed pricing breakdown for your project.

Gold Package
£8,100 - 15,000

  • Video no upper time limit
  • Full crew for up to 10 days shoot or multiple cameras/multiple same day locations
  • Up to 10 locations, dependant on region and time
  • 12 day edit
  • Fully bespoke title, opening, end credit & graphics
  • Full bespoke lighting (3 point or other)
  • Bespoke music package (without vocals)
  • Unlimited changes within confines of agreement
  • Up to 100 x copies on DVD (full & bespoke authoring)
  • 3 months online promotion free

Silver Package
£3,600 - 8,000

  • Up to 10 minutes long
  • Up to 5 day shoot
  • Up to 5 locations within 10 miles of M25
  • Up to 6 day edit
  • Creative title, opening, end credit & graphics
  • Full 3 point lighting available for added quality
  • Music from library (Wider choice of genre & styles)
  • Up to 20 x copies on DVD (full authoring)

Bronze Package
£1,500 - 3,500

  • Up to 4 minutes long
  • Up to a 2 day shoot with 2 man crew
  • Up to 3 locations (within M25
  • Up to 3 day edit
  • Simple title, opening, end credits & graphics
  • Basic on location lighting
  • Music from library (limited choice)
  • Up to 5 x DVD copies (basic authoring)