Paul Danquah

Paul Danquah sadly and unexpectedly passed away in December 2020. We as a company have decided to keep his profile up as a way of showing that he remains in our thoughts and will always be part of the team. Thank you Paul, rest in peace.

A little snippet of who Paul was professionally.
Born and raised in North West London. Paul holds a degree in Film and Television works. Paul began filmmaking in 1999 where he studied A-level Media at college. During this time he became a member of the children’s charity YCTV (Youth Culture Television), where he had experience working alongside ITV, Channel 4 and the BBC. He wrote many programmes that were broadcast on the YCTV Channel which included a short film which was used as an educational tool in schools for the metropolitain police, a documentary on race relations in Bradford for the BBC, a satirical comedy short screened at the Serpentine Gallery, various film review shows and won an award for Best Young Writer at a Channel 4 Youth award ceremony. Since then Paul has worked as a freelance writer and director for various production companies such as Real Eyez Production, 4Front Films, Into Film and Trailblzerfilms and The London Video Company. He has also assisted as a crewmember on productions for charity organisations where he worked with such legends such as Jon Voight, Dame Vivian Westwood and Samuel L. Jackson.

Paul was a lead writer on the feature film BRASH YOUNG TURKS and has just finished penning his own new subversive sitcom series Pixiely Incorrect.